New Zealand Wild Ferns Lanolin Hand Creme With Calendula & Sweet Orange Oil (100ml)

New Zealand Wild Ferns Lanolin Hand Creme With Calendula & Sweet Orange Oil (100ml)

Wild Ferns Lanolin Hand Creme is an Intensive Moisturising Hand Crème Containing Lanolin and Calendula, Perfect for Dry, Damaged Skin, and the Regeneration of New Skin Cells. Wild Ferns Lanolin Hand Creme combines Lanolin with Calendula, Sweet Orange Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, formulated for hands that need a little bit of extra love and care. Calendula is extremely soothing, reduces inflammation and is naturally anti-bacterial and Sweet Orange oil is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. This combination of ingredients blended with Cocoa and Shea butter makes it perfect to assist in the softening and repairing of rough, dry or damaged hands :

  • 98 % Natural.
  • Paraben Free, No Mineral Oil, Not Tested on Animals

Wild Ferns Lanolin Hand Creme Assists in the Softening and Repairing of Rough, Dry or Damaged Hard-Working Hands, Lanolin has long been renowned for its extremely beneficial moisturising and nourishing properties. It is readily absorbed into the skin making it look and feel younger and softer, whilst improving the suppleness and elasticity associated with healthy, youthful skin. Proof of this is in the hands of the shearers and wool workers around the world – they are known for having particularly soft and supple hands that retain their youthful look due to their constant handling of Lanolin rich sheep’s wool.

Lanolin is the natural oil extracted from the wool of the sheep, and is the closest oil in nature to that which humans produce. It is extracted after the wool is removed – a process that occurs normally once per year called shearing. This involves people usually using machinery with clippers on one end to remove the wool close to the skin of the sheep. This wool is then soaked for a period of time, with Lanolin oil in its purest form rising to the surface during this time. It is then skimmed off and refined to remove all impurities. Like hair, wool grows back again and again therefore making lanolin a completely renewable resource.

Wild Ferns skincare products are all made with special care in New Zealand. They are not tested on animals and are presented in environmentally-friendly packaging. It is also our philosophy to ensure our most important ingredients come from sustainable sources so we can help do our part to retain and protect the clean, green, unique beauty that is New Zealand.


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